A School Boy in Hawaii

ArtistChu Tat Shing
CreditGift of the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Hawaii Foundation
Date of Work2007
DescriptionStatue of Sun Yat-sen as a boy aged 13 years old dressed in traditional Chinese garments: hat, jacket, tunic, and shoes; carrying two books in his right hand. The accompanying plaque reads, "'This is my Hawaii... here I was brought up and educated; and it was here that I came to know what modern, civilized governments are like and what they mean.' Dr. Sun Yat-sen. In 1879, at the age of thirteen, Sun Yat-sen came to Hawaii from Zhongshan, China. It was here in Honolulu, that he spent many of his teenage years growing up and being educated. China's first revolutionary society the Xing Zhong Hui (Revive China Society) was organized in Hawaii in 1894. Sun Yat-sen went to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and establish a democratic China in 1911. The dedication of this statue recognizes t he sacrifice and support of the people of Hawaii in nurturing the roots of 'Modern China' and it's Founding Father. The Dr. Sun Yat-sen Hawaii Foundation, November 12, 2007." Located in Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park.
Where LocatedDr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park
Location(21.311009, -157.86154)