Chilkat Indian Totem Pole

ArtistCarl Heinmiller
CreditTransfer from the State of Hawaii
Date of Work1969
DescriptionA Chilkat Indian Totem Pole carved by five Chilkat Indians from Southeastern Alaska over three days in Honolulu. Presented to Governor John A. Burns, State of Hawaii by the State of Alaska, Alaskan Business Council and Western Airlines in 1970. The top carving is of a grizzly bear, symbol of strength and protection. It guards the middle figure, which represents the Governor of the State. The bottom image is that of the brown bear holding a money piece or "tinah." The tinah represents the promise of great and mutually profitable trade between the states of Hawaii and Alaska. The totem pole is carved out of red cedar. Located at Foster Botanical Garden.
Where LocatedFoster Botanical Garden Hybrid Orchids
DisciplinePole, Totem
Location(21.315828, -157.857835)