Gecko's Delight

ArtistJohn Nippolt
CreditFunded in part by the Comprehensive Employment Training Act
Date of Work1978
DescriptionA relief sculpture of geckos in an environment of foliage and flowers. There are horizontal striations in the wood from carving. 4 clusters of leaves/branches are present at intervals. There are two geckos - one on each end of the relief. The left one (facing) extends out onto the side of the building approximately for 2'; the other is mounted totally on the wood. Its tail hangs down. The trunks and leaves are carved out of the same panels as the background. The geckos, which are approximately 3.5 feet long each - are carved from separate pieces of wood, which are attached to the surface of the reliefs. Installed over the entrance to the Paul L. Breese animalani. Located at the Honolulu Zoo Herpatarium entrance.
Where LocatedHonolulu Zoo Herpatarium Entrance
Location(21.269997, -157.819109)