ArtistJack L. Throp
CreditGift of Alicia C. Davies on behalf of her father Ralph
Date of Work1976
DescriptionThe piece is a sculpture grouping consisting of two hippopotami that lay parallel and opposite one another with their heads resting on each other's backs. They are massive in composition, the details of their appearance are subtly articulated. They sit in a pool that is dry but has a drain. The artist was the zoo's director. The piece was constructed with the intention of its being a "play sculpture" for children. From a 1974 memo: "...the fountain will have several inches of water in it. The children of Honolulu could have a joyous time playing in the water and climbing on the hippos, whose surfaces would be made smooth, resin-coated Belonza quartz." Located at the Honolulu Zoo.
Where LocatedHonolulu Zoo Monsarrat Restroom
Location(21.269945, -157.820464)