Ka Wai Ake Akua

ArtistMarguerite Louis Blasingame
CreditFunded by the Works Progress Administration
Date of Work1939
DescriptionThe stone bas relief entry way to the 1939 Board of Water Supply building. The bas relief is executed on a series of green steatite stone blocks which depict mythical and human Hawaiian figures, flora, and animals in the upper portions flanking either side of a central doorway as well as stylized letter forming a narrative text beneath the figurative panels. The two panels, one on the Diamond Head side of the entry way and the other on the other side of the entry door both depict stories involving the god Kane and Kaneloa in a mythical story about the discovery and use of water. Located at the Board of Water Supply Engineering Building Entrance.
Where LocatedBoard of Water Supply Engineering Building Entrance
Location(21.306108, -157.852555)