Old Stadium Park

ArtistJoe Pimental
CreditGift of the Community
Date of Work1994
DescriptionBronze plaque entitled "Old Stadium Park." Enscription reads," A lasting memorial to the many great athletes who have played here. This park was the site of the Honolulu Stadium (1926-1976), affectionately known as "The Termite Palace" in its later years. The 26,000 seat stadium was often filled to capacity for activites that included: barefoot football, pro and semi-pro baseball, high school athletic events, stock car races, UH football, polo, carnivals, boxing, Boy Scout Makahiki, aquacades, concerts, and track and field meets." "Plaque donated by Hawaii Recreation and Park Association, UH Na Koa Football Club, St. Louis Alumni Association and many other groups and individuals, September 1994." Plaque has an image of the stadium signed by Pimental. Located at Old Stadium Park.
Where LocatedOld Stadium Park
Location(21.293143, -157.825753)